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Takchin Baharan’s Tomato Paste

Takchin Baharan Company produces one of the most delicious and high-quality tomato pastes in the market. This company’s products are distributed to the national and regional markets under the Aziz, Shadrang, Vaze’, and Golandaz brands.

The tomato paste products in Takchin Baharan are distributed to the market in metal and glass containers weighing 18 or 4 kilograms and 1600, 800, 700, and 450 grams.

About the tomato paste:

Tomato paste became an industrial and globally known product in the early 20th century. Prior to that, people would make this sauce in southern Italy.

These days tomato paste is used in cooking as a flavoring sauce. The paste holds a special position, especially in the Mediterranean dishes. A phenomenon affecting the whole food industry has reached the Iranian cooking style for years and has its own value in the original Iranian recipes.


Canned Tomato Paste Shadrang

Today, there aren’t many Iranian dishes that don’t require the flavor, taste, color, and thickness of tomato paste. Dishes like Gheymeh, Loobiapolo, Soups, Stew, and other Iranian meals owe their delicious tastes to tomato paste.

Besides, because of tomato paste’s special food processing, it retains many of the tomato’s nutrients and has a high nutritive value. Tomato paste contains Antioxidants, Iron, Potassium, B Complex Vitamins, Calcium, and Phosphorus.

100 grams of tomato paste contains 83 kilocalories of energy, 18 grams of carbohydrates, and 4 grams of protein.


Glass Paste Shadrang

The tomato paste’s quality is of importance for many people while cooking. A low-quality tomato paste can affect the meal’s flavor and appearance in a bad way.

How is the tomato paste produced?

The production begins with choosing high-quality and perfect tomatoes, washing them, disinfecting the tomatoes, and separating the skin and seeds from the rest. Afterward, tomato juice is heated in a special condition and vacuum until it reaches the desired density.

The special temperature condition in producing tomato paste retains the nutrients and odor of tomatoes in the final product.


Large Glass Paste Shadrang

No other additives except for salt are added to the product. In the end, the packaging process is done in a completely sterilized and mechanized way.

Takchin Baharan Company, one of the best food industrial companies in Iran, produces one of the highest-quality tomatoes pastes both nationally and globally, using advanced machines and modern food industrial technology. This paste is dense, even, and of pretty color, and it has a natural flavor and taste.

Takchin Baharan’s tomato pastes provide your tables with flavor and color.


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