About Takchin Baharan

Takchin Baharan Food Industrial Group was founded in 1997 by Aziz Sajadian under the registration number 7316 and brand name ``Aziz``.

About Takchin Baharan

This group has a total area of 20,000 square meters for its facilities and its built-up area is 7,915 square meters. The company’s current products are tomato paste, pickled cucumbers, tomato purée, pickled olives, and different kinds of other pickles.

Every year this company produces 4 thousand tons of tomato paste and 1 thousand tons of pickled cucumbers in different packaging using the best machines and according to national standards of Iran.

Relying on precedence, technical knowledge, technology, and expert employees, this company has constantly been trying to improve the country’s food industry development level by elevating its actions.

Takchin Baharan Company, as one of the pioneers and founders of the modern food industry in Iran, has adapted itself to global producers, the highest quality, and national and worldwide standard levels, using experienced specialists, and modern technology.


Company history at a glance


Company opening

In 1954, Takchin Baharan Company started operating


Start exporting

توان و خط تولیدی صادرات مجموعه تا حدود ۳۰۰۰ تن در سال آغاز به کار کرد


Product line opening

محصول خیار شور عزیز به جمع خانواده تکچین بهاران اضافه گردید


افزوده شدن

زیتون شور نیردر بسته بندی شیشه ایی و کنسروی به جمع محصولات و برند های شرکت اضافه گردید

Takchin Baharan, with the help of its employees, reviews the company’s long-term goals annually.

Short-term goals:

  • ● Making efforts in detecting the international markets and having a constant presence in them
  • ●Providing the producing process with updated technology in order to produce safe and high-quality products
  • ●Reaching maximum production by using the workers and machines efficiently
  • ●Upgrading the quality level of the products and prohibiting any kind of hygienic contrasts in the process
  • ●Gaining trust and increasing the satisfaction level of foreign and domestic clients.

The special features of Aziz, Shadrang, Vaze’, and Golandaz brands can be described in four areas; Leading the market, stability and permanence, developing the investments, and improving the brands. The principal strategies of Takchin Baharan Group are as follows:

  • ●Taking responsibility for social and environmental issues
  • ●Elevating the financial and operational structures in order to expand the products’ level in quality and quantity
  • ●Updating the product and goods supplement chains
  • ●Marketing through increasing the company’s shares by focusing on the introduction and influences of Aziz, Shadrang, Vaze’, and Golandaz.

Takchin Baharan Food Industrial Group is a vanguard, well-known, stabilized, and developed company that has achieved the title of the best exporter for four years consecutively. This company’s outlook is ruling over the food industry market.


Currently, Takchin Baharan’s products appear in the markets of Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and other Persian Gulf States in addition to the national distribution.

The company’s management works alongside its workers, using the ISO 9001:2000, ISO 25000, and ISO 22000 systems to reach its goals.

Some of the company’s long-term goals are as follows:

  • ●Increasing the popularity and acceptability of Aziz, Shadrang, Vaze’, and Golandaz brands to reach the destination markets
  • ●Developing the quality and quantity of the group’s products
  • ●Increasing its share in foreign and domestic markets and also extending, development, and improvements in supplying the products and goods
  • ●Gaining trust and increasing the satisfaction level of foreign and domestic clients.


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