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Aziz Pickled Olives

Sometimes the side dishes are more important than the main ones. Especially when talking about Iranian meals, with which different kinds of salads, appetizers, and pickles are considered as important.

Pickled olives are one of the popular side dishes that can be complementary for both Iranian and foreign meals. Olives can turn salads into a whole meal when used as a part of them.

Aziz Pickled Olives, a product of Takchin Baharan Food Industrial Company, is made of highest-quality olives. Using the modernized technologies in food processing, this product is distributed to both Iranian and international markets.

A big share of this company’s products is exported to nearby countries like Russia and the Persian Gulf States.


Aziz Pickled Olives

The olive fruit is a nutritional and useful one. This fruit is often consumed after being pickled and without processing, it tastes bitter. Pickled olive is made using a solution of water, salt, and vinegar. Olives are rich in unsaturated fats that are useful for the human heart. They are also known as a source of Iron and Vitamin E. Olives are effective in keeping the skin, hair, and the Digestive System healthy. Eating olives is highly recommended in healthy diets because they contain a high amount of fiber, unsaturated fats, and other nutrients. Copper, Calcium, and Sodium are some of the other minerals existing in pickled olives. The most amount of olive in the world is produced in the Mediterranean countries, but in the northern parts of Iran, Roodbar and Manjil cities are known for their olive gardens, too.


زیتون شور عزیز

زیتون میوه‌ای بسیار مغذی و پرخاصیت است. این میوه اغلب به صورت شور یا پرورده مصرف می‌شود و بدون فرآوری، تلخ‌مزه است. زیتون شور در محلول آب و نمک و سرکه فرآوری می‌شود. زیتون سرشار از چربی‌های غیر اشباع و مفید برای سلامت قلب و عروق است. همچنین به عنوان منبع غنی آهن و ویتامین ای شناخته می‌شود. زیتون در سلامت پوست و مو و دستگاه گوارش بسیار مؤثر است. مصرف آن به دلیل داشتن فیبر فراوان، چربی‌های مفید و دیگر مواد مغذی، در رژیم‌های غذایی سالم، بسیار توصیه می‌شود. مس، کلسیم و سدیم از دیگر مواد معدنی موجود در زیتون شور هستند. بیشترین تولید زیتون در دنیا مربوط به کشورهای حوزه مدیترانه است. اما در شمال ایران هم شهرهای رودبار و منجیل به فراوانی باغ‌های زیتون شهرت دارند.


Aziz Pickled Olives

Aziz olives are packed and exported in glass containers weighing 700 grams. The most modern methods and equipment are used in the production of pickled olives in Takchin Baharan facilities. International food production standards are highly cared for and the final product is completely healthy and safe. Vinegar also plays the role of a natural preservative in this product. Therefore no harmful preservatives are used.


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